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Quality work from start to finish with expertise!
Boat repair and maintenance, apartment renovations and construction services with attention to quality

Ab Team Kujala Oy is a company specializing in boat repair and maintenance. In addition to boat maintenance and repairs, the services include apartment renovations, construction, carpentry and composite work.

Our company was founded in 1989. We are located in Teerijärvi, Kruunupyy, Finland. We serve customers throughout Finland and Europe.

We are a member company of Suomen Yrittäjät.


Our comprehensive services include boat services and repairs, composite work, construction services and carpentry. Contact us for more information about our services!

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Our company has extensive experience in both boat repair and general construction. Find out more from our references!

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Our company is based in Teerijärvi, Kruunupyy, Finland. We serve our customers throughout Finland and across Europe.

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Boat maintenance and repairs and construction services with expertise since 1989

Our comprehensive services include boat services and repairs, composite work, construction services and carpentry.

We provide you with boat maintenance and repairs with expert quality. We perform fiberglass, hull and deck work and various interior repairs.

We have a large building that can accommodate a 90-foot boat. The building is equipped with bridge cranes.

Our comprehensive services include building construction and renovations. For example, we carry out apartment, kitchen and bathroom renovations with high quality and professionalism.

Our services also include construction carpentry, such as installation of interior fixtures and home construction carpentry. We carry out finishing work at private homes, townhouses and apartment buildings.

Our company also provides fine carpentry work with years of experience. We make custom-made interior fixtures for boats and sailboats. We also manufacture furniture and interior fixtures for other needs – contact us and ask for more information!

We manufacture boat hulls, other components and interior countertops in accordance with the customer’s wishes. We use reinforced, durable and easy-to-care composite in the manufacturing process. Because of its high-quality characteristics, composite is a long-term, profitable investment.

We also carry out fiberglass and carbon fiber work – ask more about our services!